Shashu Clacken

Managing Director

​Clacken is a business strategist and management consultant, with a foundation in commercial and constitutional law and a passion for equity.  She holds three degrees from leading universities in Canada and the U.K., in diverse but interconnected disciplines of law, management, strategy, economics, and political science.  She has consistently received the highest honours, which span over 20 years of awards for academic and business excellence, leadership, people engagement, and community contribution.  In business, her expertise and proven track record – with recurring multi-million dollar impacts to the companies' bottom lines – are in the areas of organizational transformation, litigation programs, cost management, strategic planning, performance management models, vendor management, and Claims-Actuarial partnerships.

Clacken is also versed in owning large projects from inception through to successful implementation.  She has led successful builds and rollouts of cutting-edge technology in legal billing and counter-fraud areas.  She has also led the successful (re)design and implementation of business operating models including in insurance subrogation, counter-fraud, and accident benefits (care model that puts the care of injured persons first).  Clacken is valued for her skill in examining complex, messy or deficient operations; identifying key drivers and interconnections between elements in the 'machine'; and introducing solutions that optimize performance.  In doing so, she is known to leverage data and analytics, hone team abilities, and utilize skills from her legal background.  She does so throughout the work involved to design, document and bring the solutions to life through teaching, advising, and bringing stakeholders on board.

Clacken had a successful legal career and ventured into business out of a desire to be closer to the solutions.  In law, Clacken started out as a legal research assistant and mentee to Canada's pre-eminent Constitutional Law scholar, the late Professor Peter W. Hogg.  She progressed to stellar experiences at one of Canada's leading business law firms and a spin-off boutique.  With deep commitment to helping to shape a better world, throughout her career, Clacken has given her best both in business and in matters concerning human dignity, fairness and equality.  Highlights include pro bono advocacy at Canada's highest court – the Supreme Court of Canada – in four cases concerning civil liberties, and participation at the Ashley Smith Inquest.  Clacken was also one of three lawyers in Canada who journeyed to southern Africa in support of an unprecedented international human rights effort by Stephen Lewis' organization (AIDS Free World).  This global initiative was to gather evidence to build a case against Robert Mugabe concerning sexual terror against women during Zimbabwe's elections.  Clacken is trusted for her strong moral compass and her compassion in civil liberties, diversity, pro bono, and mentorship affairs.  She brings her passion, authenticity, and commitment to 'better' in everything she does.