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Bottom Line Improvement


​Cost Saving & Organizational Transformation

An organization's long-term viability turns heavily on how well it manages its scarce resources to maximize value while reducing inefficiencies.  This is especially critical in challenging economic times like the present.  We bring to you our expertise in cost management, which consistently yielded millions per annum to the companies' bottom lines.  Our leadership is grateful to have received accolades for our cost management work.

This work has been extensively in the property & casualty insurance industry and business sectors.  It has involved transformational initiatives, including developing, implementing and/or managing strategy in the areas of:  

value-based litigation program  |  in-house strategic Claims Legal function  |  win-win legal vendor management  |  strategic partnerships  |  insurance Claims Function cost management  |  insurance counter-fraud  |  accident benefits insurance claims business model  |  bodily injury insurance claims operating practices  |  insurance Claims data & analytics  |  insurance Claims-Actuarial insights  |  budgeting and planning  |  workforce management  |  process improvement  |  change management  |  developing high performing teams  | enhancing employee engagement  |  owning technology projects and implementations.

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​Litigation Management

​With our niche expertise in litigation management models, we examine the litigation management objectives of large institutional clients, and offer customized solutions that align to corporate values and goals.  We have designed, implemented and managed award-winning or highly successful models for large P&C insurance companies.  We have expertise in a range of models and prefer value-based models that are win-win for the organization and its legal vendors / partners.  We do not provide legal advice; our services are purely regarding business models for the litigation programs of large institutions.

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​Vendor Management

​​We examine your current vendor relationships, dynamics and protocols and recommend effective:

    • interaction models
    • communication frameworks: what media, frequency, nature of information
    • design of vendor performance metrics
    • reporting requirements and quality control measures
    • win-win arrangements
    • vendor coaching frameworks

We have received accolades for our vendor management work.

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​client service coaching

Client Service Coaching
Towards win-win solutions, we similarly advise legal, healthcare, financial and other business professionals on successful client-value propositions, client-relations strategies, and strategic stakeholder relationships.  Having been in the client role on behalf of a number of institutions, and also in the service provider role, we understand the needs in both dimensions.  We craft mutually-beneficial solutions while respecting confidentiality.

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Target Operating Models

​We examine your current organizational structure and interaction models and recommend reorganization that optimizes the way functional areas perform in themselves and in relation to each other.  A successful operation requires clarity of role, function, governance, communications, authority and decision-rights.  It also requires alignment between skillset and function, and reduction of duplication and 'red tape'.  Our leadership has a proven track record in designing, implementing and sustaining high performing operating models in a range of functions.   
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Business Documents

​We offer a range of business drafting services including: 

website content  |  policies & procedures  |  strategic plans  |  pitch decks  |  government submissions  |  marketing materials  |  speech writing  |  requests for proposals (RFPs)  |  responses to RFPs  |  presentations  |  project documents  |  reports  |  newsletters.

We offer flexibility to fit a range of business drafting needs.
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Performance Metrics

​We examine the workings of and interrelationships between the components in your organizational 'machine' and customize the key performance indicators (KPIs) that are prudent to measure, monitor, and counter-balance to promote achievement of your goals.  Knowing what key metrics to focus on and how to measure and interpret them is key to your continued success.  It is equally important to understand potential unintended effects in focusing on certain KPIs, and determining which control measures provide an effective and balanced cost and performance model.  Our leadership has a proven track record in designing, monitoring and managing KPIs that yielded significant value and cost savings.
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Reporting Dashboards

​We examine your existing reports or other information that offer insights into your business performance.  We recommend designs for your key operational and financial reports that give you user-friendly, one-stop views of the key information you need to effectively monitor your business performance.  In the age of big data and proliferation of information, you will save time, money, stress and duplication by streamlining and optimizing the design of your key reports.  This includes tabular reports and a variety of user-friendly visualizations.
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Human Affairs Improvement


​Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

​We get to know your team and customize diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism solutions that are well-suited to your unique organizational values and people objectives.  Our services involve an end-to-end design, including a framework and strategies for recruiting, hiring, mentoring, team inclusion, equitable performance management, sponsorship and promotion, employee voice and participation, executive leadership, community participation, brand messaging, and checks-and-balances.  We help you protect your brand on equity, diversity and inclusion matters, which are increasingly critical to continued organizational success.

CSR - Social Responsibility

​We collaborate with your teams – including legal, executive, management, human resources, and/or operational team members – and offer you strategic recommendations on social responsibility approaches.  Areas depend on your needs or interests, this may include community involvement affairs, vendor policies and the like.  We help our clients achieve fair and sustainable environments that enable financial success and promote human good.  We believe the best organizations that attract customer and employee loyalty are those that invest in these stakeholders, dnd operate with fairness and integrity built into their DNAs.


​Government Relations  |  Public Relations  |  Persuasive Communications
​We receive your high-level instructions regarding messages you wish to convey and utilize our prior legal training to offer you effective forms of influence.  While we do not provide legal advice, we offer recommendations on business approaches and positions you may consider taking in order to advance your stated objectives.  We observe the highest ethical standards and sedulously guard your confidentiality.  We bring you the strength of our skill from advocacy at all levels of courts and tribunals - including the Court of Appeal (Ontario) and the Supreme Court of Canada.  We also leverage our experience with successful submissions before regulators, and successful business case presentations before C-suite executives and other stakeholders.  We craft communications on your behalf and/or assist you directly in meetings, according to your preferences.

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