Financial Services Industry

Our leadership has some 15 years advising some of Canada's largest property & casualty insurers and financial services organizations.  In the P&C industry, our award-winning work introduced unprecedented successes – in litigation program management for Canada's leading P&C insurer.  This contributed millions to the bottom line annually.  It involved the build, implementation and management of a first-in-Canada program, strategic vendor relationship management, cost management, and technological innovation.  Our leadership also directed successful transformational change in several areas at another top 10 insurer ... 

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Cost Management Expertise

Our professionals bring to you our expertise in cost management and revenue growth strategies.  We have received awards and accolades for our cost management work, which consistently yielded millions per annum to the companies' bottom lines.

Vendor Management Techniques

Our professionals have considerable expertise in vendor management, including designing vendor programs, measuring and managing performance, coaching vendors on performance, and achieving strong win-win vendor relations.  We have received awards and accolades for our vendor management work.

Human Rights & Workplace Expertise

Our professionals had significant successes as practising lawyers, including a number of precedent-setting appeals,  interventions, and high profile matters at the Supreme Court of Canada, the Ontario Court of Appeal and various courts and tribunals.  Our lead human rights strategist also has considerable experience in workplace harassment and discrimination affairs, including workplace investigations and dispute resolutions.  We bring this expertise to you in advising on your equity, diversity, inclusion, harassment, discrimination and workplace health affairs.

Government & Public Relations & Influencing Skill

Our professionals have considerable expertise and successes presenting to regulators, writing submissions to government entities, and advocacy / influence at all levels of court and within all levels in organizations.

Contracts, Commercial & Corporate Experience

Our leaders are legally-trained with considerable experience in commercial law, contract negotiation, contract drafting, contract interpretation and contract management.  Our lead corporate affairs strategist also has experience in corporate structures, registrations, a range of corporate transactional work and intellectual property law.  We leverage this experience in offering you business solutions.

Business Strategy

We bring you extensive expertise advising business clients to pursue successful strategies.  Our lead business strategist was the top graduate from a masters-level management program in strategic management at one of the UK's most prestigious universities.  She combines this knowledge with our team's lateral-thinking and creativity, plus extensive experience designing and implementing successful business strategies, to bring you effective solutions.  Our professionals also leverage their commercial expertise from their commercial and corporate law experience at a range of levels from a top Canadian business law firm to boutiques and sole practice.  Our professionals were also trained at Canada's top universities and law schools and also tap into this solid foundation to offer you rounded strategies.

Management Know-How

Our lead business strategist has held a number of senior management positions at some of Canada's largest property and casualty insurance companies, and brings successful management approaches, together with formal organizational management training, to help you shape an effective management strategy.

We have extensive experience advising and partnering with leadership teams at every level in organizations.  This includes coaching and developing teams to becoming high performing, and teaching leaders to bolster business acumen.

People & Culture & Diversity Dimensions

In addition to our human rights expertise, our lead business strategist has experience in designing, implementing and leading diversity and equity initiatives to enhance organizational culture, and has been an executive leader of a number of equity-promoting organizations.  We are committed to diversity, equity and inclusion, and are keen to help our clients further these lofty objectives and position themselves to be leading organizations in a socially responsible environment.

KPI Design & Management Skill

Our professionals have significant expertise in designing, implementing and managing customized performance indicators and performance models to help organizations stay focused on their roads to success and be agile to keep driving higher performance.

Organizational Transformation & Change Management

Our professionals have been at the forefront of unprecedented and historic transformational change at large institutions, with significant and lasting favourable impacts.  Our professionals are known for being champions of progressive change, and for driving execution and bringing stakeholders along the change curve up to steady re-equilibrium.  Our lead business strategist had led successful transformation and change management in at least 7 significant areas and large-scale / Canada-wide / enterprise-wide projects and initiatives.  We draw on these experiences to help you avoid pitfalls and achieve success with your transformation.

Governance, Policies, Procedures

We have substantial experience drafting a range of documents, policies and procedures for organizations of all sizes.  We focus on relevance, value, clarity, ethics and compliance in doing this work for our clients.

Financial Services Industry Highlights

Business Transformation
Our leadership's transformational work attracted two full-year exceptional performance ratings for work done in developing, launching and/or managing strategy in:

  • Litigation program management
  • Win-win vendor management
  • Claims cost management      
  • Business model designs
  • Claims KPIs & analytics 
  • Policies & procedures
  • Process improvement
  • High performing teams                  
People Affairs

Our leadership has also effectively supported insurers with people initiatives including:  

  • launching diversity, equity and mentorship initiatives in collaboration with HR
  • honing high performing teams.  Team members led optimized performance and received:
    • company's excellence award,
    • 91% engagement score, and/or
    • top performer ratings
Cost Saving

Our leadership has designed, implemented and managed novel cost saving initiatives, with tangible multi-million dollar impacts to the bottom line annually.

This has been in areas including:

  • Claims costs (deep expertise)
  • Legal vendor value (expert level)
  • Subrogation (functional level)
  • Counter-fraud (functional level)

GR, PR & Persuasion

Our leadership has also assisted senior executives with strategy and submissions before regulators, industry organizations and C-suite executives

Our leadership has successfully leveraged legal and business training to help organizational members advance business cases.  This included concurrently advancing financial, cultural and social responsibility objectives.

Project Leadership

Our leadership has directed large projects from inception through to successful implementations.  This has been for both business model and technology projects.

One example was the end-to-end rebuild of the business model for accident benefit claims.  This was further to the vision of - and in collaboration with - industry experts espousing a care model.  

In this model, the care of persons injured in auto accidents is prioritized over process, and high quality care is proactively provided.

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